New Year. New Things.

Happy New Year to one and all!
After a few weeks of total busyness, I have finally got round to my blog. Sorry not to have been keeping everyone up to date with all things ‘crafty’, but I have been trying to get my head round the new EU laws with regards to digital downloads. This means my knitting patterns. They, The EU lawmakers, have changed the VAT rules.(I don’t think that they live in the real world.) I was beginning to think that having only just got my little website off the ground, I was going to have to start again. However, the lovely people over at ‘Ravelry’ and ‘Love knitting’, have combined forces and I am able to continue selling my patterns through their sites. Hooray!! From now on, my knitting patterns will be available through Ravelry ( you only have to press the little icon and will be taken to the site)
All this made me think as to what else I could sell on Etsy. After a huge sort out in my studio/workroom, I have unearthed a whole stash of fabric. I have been busy covering buttons and am now also starting to make some lovely fancy bias binding. I will let you know when they are for sale. I must say that it I felt a whole lot better for having the sort out, although I was very grumpy whilst doing it! Sorry hubby!! The best bit, though, is the fun that I’ve had creating something from bits and pieces that I had forgotten about.
Happy crafting


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