Useful Ideas for those Christmas Presents

I love giving and receiving presents, especially when they have been made by friends and family. This Christmas we were given Apple Chutney, Medlar Jelly, Piccallili, Lavender Jelly and Apple and Rosemary Jelly. It is all absolutely scrumptious . The problem is that it is taking a long time to get through it all and I now have five opened jars in my fridge. I love them as an addition to salads or with meat. But during these winter months, we don’t tend to eat that many salads.

So, I decided to try something a bit different. Every time I have made a casserole, curry or soup, I have added a tablespoon of one of the relishes. It really gives my winter recipes a zing and we are both loving a slightly different take on our favourite winter foods.

It also gives us the chance to remember our friends who gave us the gifts in the first place. So a big thankyou to you all. I cannot  wait to see what you come up with this year!



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