Creating your own Super Chunky Yarn

I love the quick results that you can achieve when knitting with a super chunky yarn. However I do not always like the cost. Whilst at the Handmade Exhibition, in September, I discovered that Hobbycraft had a special deal on their Women’s Institute Acrylic Yarn. Now, as a rule, I do not always like acrylic yarn because their colours can be a little ‘synthetic’ looking. However I found 4 lovely colours and bought 8 balls.( I only paid £12 for enough yarn for the whole throw!!) The joy of knitting in super chunky yarn is the quick results. So armed with my size 15mm knitting needles, I soon knitted up this warm and cozy throw. The only thing that you have to be careful of, when knitting with 4 different yarns at the same time, is to ensure that all 4 yarns go round the needle together. If they do not, then you find that you may have to unpick a couple of rows until you catch up with the wayward yarn. Yes it did happen to me!! If you want the pattern for this throw (teddy not included!), you will find it over on my Ravelry page, where you can download it. Just click on the little icon at the side and it will take you there. Or click on Happy knitting.

ps Big thankyous go to Sarah, Rob and Toby for providing me with a fabulous place to write this blog! I have been creatively inspired, once again, just by visiting you!


A Snuggly Baby Blanket

Although we are enjoying a lovely ‘Indian Summer’, it is noticeably cooler in the evenings. So, I decided to use the opportunity to design and make a baby blanket. It is so easy to make (and very easy to wash too!). My thanks go to my friend Charlie who modelled it for me. He looks so cosy beneath it. As this a free pattern I have listed it over on my Ravelry site. Just press the icon on the left and you should be able to find it or you can go directly to :