Etsy shop is up and running!

Finally, my little creative dream has come to pass. I have managed to get my Etsy shop up and running. Anything to do with technology seems to cause angst. But I have stuck with it and with the help of a good friend,  a wonderfully patient son in law and a family who have encouraged me from the beginning, I’ve done it!! ( I love that bit at the end of Legally Blond when she says something similar!) As with everything that I am embracing it is (hopefully ) simple. I love what you can achieve with super chunky yarn. So I designed this cushion. It is very easy to make and quick too. It is also lovely to snuggle up to. I bought the yarn from the marvellous Wool Warehouse. They are based in Leamington Spa and are so helpful. They are also only a fifteen minute walk from where my daughter and her family live, so every time I visit them, I come back with some more yarn for my stash. Pop over to my shop for a visit where you will find the pattern. You can use the little widget on the sidebar.

Snuggle striped cushion

Snuggly striped cushion



Yarn Bombing in France

While camping in France recently we visited the small town of Bourgueil, on market day. To my absolute delight, and to the confusion of a lot of other visitors, the whole town had been ‘yarn bombed!’Trees, benches, lamp posts, post boxes, even the signposts were totally covered in wonderful knitting of vibrant colours.On returning to our campsite, the wonderful ‘Le Chant d’Oiseau’  at Mouliherne, I was chatting to Syb, (one half of the couple who own the campsite) all about our discovery. She told us that it had become quite a discussion point amoung the visitors. We then started talking about how yarn bombing can make a difference to all sorts of places. I then had the idea that it might be a good idea to ‘yarn bomb’ or decorate, at least, her mum’s wheelchair for the forthcoming family nuptials. As soon as I arrived back in Blighty, I searched through my stash of yarn and armed with my trusty ‘100 flowers to knit and crochet by Lesley Stanfield (from the wonderful people at Search Press), I set to. Hence the result. I hope Sheila that they brighten up your wheelchair. I wonder what the neighbours would say if I started to yarn bomb our street lights!!IMG_1605